Fat Sams
In Historic Downtown La Crosse, WI

The Sandwich Platters
All Sandwich Platters are designed to feed 10 people.
Platters consist of 10 half sandwiches (regular restaurant size sandwiches).

The Smokehouse Club Platter
Smoked turkey, pecan smoked bacon, smoked gouda, tomato and romaine with chipotle mayo on sourdough. $32

The MW Chicken Salad Platter
A Fat Sams midwestern take on the classic chicken salad. Made with all natural chicken, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, onion, celery and a roasted garlic dressing, served with romaine lettuce on whole grain bread. $29

The Genoan Beef Platter
Roast beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato, shaved red onion and banana peppers with pesto mayo on whole grain bread. $35

The Ham Stacker Platter
Shaved ham piled high on dark rye with honey creole mustard, provolone, lettuce, tomato and pickle. $32

The Italian Stallion Platter
Italian salami, smoked ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, shaved red onion, banana peppers, oil and vinegar on a french baguette. $32

The Green House Platter
Copious amounts of garden fresh vegetables including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sunflower seeds, shaved red onion, carrot and artichoke spread on whole grain bread. $29

The Stalone Platter
A spicy Italian Sammy with pepperoni, salami and ham topped with spicy giardiniera and provolone cheese, served on tomato-herb focaccia with Italian dressing, tomato 
and romaine. $32

The Turkey Pesto Platter
Smoked turkey, smoked Gouda, fresh spinach, cucumber, tomato and red onion with basil pesto mayo on 
multi-grain bread. $35

The Veggie Delight Platter
Loads of fresh cucumber on a bed of romaine and our homemade salsa with a creamy garlic-herb spread and smoked Gouda served on toasted tomato-herb focaccia. $32

The Build Your Own Platter
The build your own allows you to custom build your platter. All sandwiches will consist of your choice of bread, meat, cheese and dressing with tomato and romaine. $29

Bread Choices: dark rye, multi-grain, sourdough
Meat Choices: smoked ham, smoked turkey, 
pastrami, roast beef
Cheese Choices: smoked gouda, cheddar, provolone
Dressing Choices: regular mayo, garlic mayo, chipotle mayo, honey-creole mustard, dijonaisse

The Salads
Salads are designed to serve 10 people,
with over 2 pounds of salad per pan.
Get Some!

The Party Salad
The party salad consists of a blend of romaine, mixed greens and spinach with tomato, carrot, red onion and cucumber. Your choice of dressings: ranch, bleu cheese, 1000 Island, French or Italian. $15

The Bistro Salad
Dried cranberries, red onion and candied walnuts tossed with romaine lettuce and crumbled bleu cheese. Served with a balsalmic vinaigrette. $22

The Sides
All sides are served by the pound. One pound
should feed approximately 6 people.

The Fruit
Fresh fruit medley consists of cantaloupe,
honeydew, grapes and pineapple. $10/lb

The Potato Salad
Our homemade creamy potato salad made with
red potatoes, celery, onion and a little kick of
creole mustard. $3.99/lb

The Chips
Seasoned kettle chips, a Fat Sams staple. $5/lb

The Coleslaw
Our creamy homemade coleslaw consists of
chopped cabbage, red onion and a touch of
jalapeño. $3.50/lb

Each setting consists of a plate, napkin,
fork, knife and spoon. 25¢ each

Fat Sams can cater your event!!!
A 24-hour notice for large orders is appreciated, but we 
will do our best to fulfill all catering requests!

 Available Mon-Fri!!
11 am - 2 pm
(Delivery available in outlined area below)
​$15.00 minimum order
Win a catered lunch for your office!